Parcel of Plenty

Mystery Parcel

Household Size:

Protein-a-plenty with your mystery parcel of fresh, restaurant-quality meat and eggs.

Each week you'll receive a mystery parcel including the best of what our producers have to offer! We'll curate your parcel based on what is available that week and by selecting the products that provide you with the most value for your money. Be surprised with every delivery and enjoy cooking new dishes with typical parcel inclusions such as: 

  • A portion of steak per person
  • A portion of local sausages per person
  • A portion of free-range chicken per person
  • A portion of locally sourced mince per person
  • A ½ dozen portion of local, free-range eggs per person
  • A portion of frypan/grill goods per person (kebabs, chops, stir-fry, burger patties etc.)
  • A portion of small goods per person

What is pictured is an example of a single size portion.

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