The Little Big Dairy Co. Brand Story

The Little Big Dairy Co. family comes from a long, proud line of dairy farmers. In 2012, their family decided to bring the beautiful, sustainably produced milk from their farm to market by starting a different type of dairy company focused on the best milk you can buy.

They do this because they’re driven to keep farming. For them, it is more than a business, it’s what they live and breathe. At the heart of the farm on the banks of the Macquarie River are 2 generations of family who work tirelessly to bring you Australia’s best tasting Single Source dairy brand.

With generations of knowledge, a commitment to sustainable farming and purebred Holsteins, together, these achievements, big and small, amount to something precious, The Little Big Dairy Co.

The Little Big Dairy Co began to deliver the best tasting, single Source milk you’ll drink to as many people as possible, supporting the economy in which it was made. Starting small supplying the local area our milks are now listed across New South Wales & the ACT. Products are available in cafes and retailers who share a belief in high quality products with a trusted provenance. Because they control the product from start to finish, milking through to processing and into the bottle. This smallness, the intimacy of the process, is what guarantees the integrity, quality and health benefits of delicious Single Source milk. But what really makes Little Big Dairy Co. special is the large herd of beautiful Holsteins, born and raised on our farm. Each has a name, which we know by heart. It’s their happiness and health that allow them to deliver over 11 million litres of milk every year. Family owned, The Little Big Dairy Co delivers high quality milk from one dairy, traceable down to the very cow that made it. It’s the smallness of our process combined with our ability to supply in large quantities that allow us to share their milk with many.

We are so excited to bring The Little Big Dairy Co. milk to you.

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