The Local Yolk Brand Story

The Local Yolk is a family owned and operated farm that believe in selling the finest locally produced eggs from chickens and farms that are well cared for by experienced farmers with no shortcuts. The Local Yolk family has over 70 years in the egg industry which today is becoming far and in-between with so many new pop up farmers emerging.

They do not produce any caged eggs and none of their eggs are washed or processed using chemicals! All of their beautiful lay-dees are free to range on our farms in Lake Macquarie & the Hunter Valley.

Their eggs under the brands Lake Macquarie Free Range Eggs & The Local Yolk are laid on our farm in Cooranbong. Their girls are outside on our enriched pastures all day and sleep and lay their eggs inside their barns.  Our Free-Range stocking density is 6000 birds per hectare, almost half of the recommended Australian standard!

The Local Yolk promise to their customers is nothing short of quality and freshness. 

The taste is noticeable! Your experience as a customer will be personal, local and save your business money.

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